Moderne La Prairie 01

Gold plated earrings with hand-painted graphic print.

Print La Prairie was inspired from a series of paintings Vase de Fleurs by Louis Valtat, dated from around 1930. These joyful flower prints were simultaneously inspired by the glorious seventies, flower power all the way.

Shape Moderne is perfect for those of you who find our Classique shape slightly too bold. Moderne provides you with just the right amount of framed art.

All our items are handmade.


Acrylic + Sterling Silver 925 with 18k Gold Plating

Dimensions (length x width x depth)
40 mm x 14 mm x 2 mm

Weight (for one earring)
< 1 gram

From  25.00

Moderne La Prairie 01 – Artwork OnlyModerne La Prairie 01 – Artwork OnlyArtwork OnlyModerne La Prairie 01 – Classic RingModerne La Prairie 01 – Classic RingArtwork and classic ringModerne La Prairie 01 – Twisted RingModerne La Prairie 01 – Twisted RingArtwork and twisted ringClassic ringClassic ringClassic ring onlyTwisted ringTwisted ringTwisted ring only
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Moderne La Prairie 01 – Artwork Only, Moderne La Prairie 01 – Classic Ring, Moderne La Prairie 01 – Twisted Ring, Classic ring, Twisted ring