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Naturelle Nuit Bleue 02

Gold plated earrings with hand-painted graphic print inspired from Twenty-Six of June,
Old Lyme, Frederick Childe Hassam, 1912. All our items are handmade.

Acrylic + Sterling Silver 925 with 18k Gold Plating

Dimensions (length x width x depth)
44 mm x 31 mm x 2 mm

Weight (for one earring)
5 grams

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Naturelle Nuit Bleue 02 – ArtworkNaturelle Nuit Bleue 02 – ArtworkArtwork onlyNaturelle Nuit Bleue 02 – Artwork and studNaturelle Nuit Bleue 02 – Artwork and studArtwork and studStudStudStud only
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Naturelle Nuit Bleue 02 – Artwork, Naturelle Nuit Bleue 02 – Artwork and stud, Stud